About David Webster

I am a member of The Society of Graphic Fine Art – the drawing society - and The Society of Architectural Illustration. All my drawings are very detailed and colourful.

My building portraits are in private collections in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Hungary, Poland, Ireland and Malta as well as here in the UK. They are also on permanent exhibition in the cardiac consulting rooms of the world-renowned Harefield Heart Hospital in the UK.


I have always admired buildings, their shapes and individual characters; how they change with perspective light and shadow. Whilst my building portraits capture the character and feel of the subject and scene, my style also gives the architecture a slightly quirky treatment but contrasted with some cartoon like quality.

My children’s book illustrations are aimed at the 3 to 6 year old. My drawings are very detailed and authentic but with plenty of humour built in. My aim is to give the child a lot to look at whilst being read to - but to want to return to again and again to the illustrations just to enjoy the drawings and remember the story. See “The Mary D and the Whale” published in 2013 and "The Mary D and the Puffins" published in 2014, by Really Good Books at www.really-good-books.co.uk